While a lot of my focus is in the digital arena, I have also worked with several brands to formulate their overall marketing strategy that involves both traditional and digital marketing. By doing this, I have helped companies:

Clarify Goals

Before any marketing efforts are taken place, brands need to clearly identify what their goals and objectives are as a company. “What do our customers expect from us?” “What is our tone both online and on paper?” “What is each medium used for and what is its overall goal?” “Are our goals able to adapt with the quickly changing market we are in?” These are all questions (& many more) a brand has to answer in order to clearly define their marketing goals. This is an extremely important process because once customers are introduced to your brand, their first impression will stick for quite some time. This introduction is crucial.

Define the Team

What makes for a successful marketing campaign? The people behind the scenes developing ideas, creating campaigns, and executing on behalf of the brand. These people are the driver to your brand, and setting up who is on the team and has what responsibility is important. During this step, I help companies determine who has a better hold on what and what their role looks like.

Choose the Channels

This is by far the most challenging step. There are, by far, a copious amount of options to choose from: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, email marketing, direct mail, news paper inserts, flyers, commercials, sponsorship banners, etc. The question is, where do you, as a company, belong? I have guided clients through the process of determining which outlets they should pursue. It is also important, in this step, to remember that even though a medium exists and other brands are utilizing it, doesn’t mean it fits for everyone and is required.

Formulate the Strategy

Once the goals, team, and channels have been chosen, the next step is to then determine what your messaging on both social and print will look like, what campaigns ideas you want to pursue, and what this strategy will look like in 3-5 years. I have worked with teams to develop their strategy and guide the team in the right direction.


The last and final step that is nevertheless important within a brand’s marketing strategy, is execution. Creating a clear calendar of when messages and print pieces go out, commercials are aired, and when updates need to be made to the website or any channels they utilize helps guide this process along and identifies key responsibilities for the team.