I have spent an extensive amount of time working with both Google AdWords and Bing Advertising, and have found that it is a very effective way of marketing to very specific users with a wide variety of strategies available. I’ve gotten to know Google AdWords the best as I have gone through their Certification Program to better understand all possibilities Google provides for advertisers. I have worked with universities, insurance companies, all-sports retailers, 5K races, manufacturing companies and social media platforms. Depending on what the goals are of a marketing campaign, knowing how to utilize all of the features on either Google or Bing is key to being effective.

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Past Campaign Performance Indicators

[tab title=”Lead Generation”]A higher education institute had a goal of generating 920 highly engaged students interested in learning more information about their programs. Their cost per lead goal was less than $200. The outcome from this campaign resulted in 1,180 leads at a cost of $156/lead; An ROI of 128% in terms of lead generation.
[tab title=”Website Traffic”]The client’s goal was to increase their website traffic with the use of Google Advertising at a cost of $2.00 per visitor. I sent a total of 12,500 visitors to the client’s site at a cost of $1.10 per visitor utilizing a highly targeted campaign. Once the visitors were on the site, they visited an average of 4 pages per visit and spent an average of 4 minutes and 27 seconds on the site.[/tab]
[tab title=”Sales Generation”]The client’s goal was to simply increase sales on their website with positive ROI. The SEM campaign I set up generated sales with a ROI of 250%. This campaign was set to end after 4 months, but due to performance, the campaign was then set to run continously after the original 4 months.

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