SEO is a critical tool brands should be utilizing to direct visitors to their website organically and free.  While SEM is able to substitute some of what SEO offers, it is a very expensive avenue to travel down. By understanding the wide variety of SEO tools, offerings, and concepts, any brand can improve their website and generate organic traffic.

I have worked with universities, retailers, bloggers, community event pages and more. When executing SEO campaigns, I

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SEO Campaigns Strategies

[tab title=”Website Audit”]I start every SEO campaign with a website audit that speaks to the current successes and failures that any website currently experiences. This document shows these successes and failures in detail and outlines where the room for improvement is and what type of organic traffic is possible. Here is where I showcase what possibilities are to be had with improving a client’s search engine optimization and why it should be done.[/tab]
[tab title=”SEO Tools”]I utilize MOZ SEO, Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Excel, PR Checker, and a variety of other tools to improve a client’s SEO.[/tab]
[tab title=”Content Writing”]On top of using a multitude of tools, I also write the on page SEO content for the website. The one thing to remember with SEO content, is to write it for the user and NOT the search engine. Providing solid and useful content is a number one priority. If the content is written in the most appropriate way, it will serve the search engines AND provide value to the website visitor.[/tab]
[tab title=”HTML Coding”]Diving into the site’s HTML code is highly important in making sure the Title, description, headings, bold text, anchor text and links/images are all set up appropriately. Call me crazy, but this is the most exciting step in the campaigns’ process.[/tab]
[tab title=”SEO Results”]I have improved every client’s site I have worked with from below pg. 10 to pg. 1. I was able to work with a few clients from the creation of their website, remaining them at pos. 1 for keywords that are searched 1.6 million times each month. For other clients, I have improved their site’s search result to pg. 1 with keywords that are search in upwards of 3 million searches each month.[/tab]